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Foto mit Hund: Phreak 2.0

"Foto mit Hund: Phreak 2.0

Das Foto mit dem freundlichen Hund stammt von Christian Mayrhofer aka Phreak 2.0. Der Wiener betätigt sich als freischaffender Hans-Dampf in allen Gassen unter anderem als Künstler, Administrator und schillernde Informationsschleuder. Die Fotos seines Hundes Archie vor denkwürdigen Szenerien in Wien sind ein Langzeitprojekt, das er seit 2007 auf Flickr dokumentiert: www.flickr.com/photos/phreak20/"

Quelle: De:Bug Magazin; http://de-bug.de/mag/7915.html#more-7915"SPONGE BOB GRAFFITI" by Phreak 2.0


Edits by edit

Limited edition screen–printed A1 posters. Each designer was asked to represent a musical genre using one element and one typeface (stating the genre). http://editsbyedit.co.uk/"Detroit Techno"


HOW'S LOVE mixtape 2010/12

click image to download or listen the latest mix of felix how, or here! enjoy this straight forward dance mix!


Baby's In Black

Verliebt in einen Beatle
Ein Comic über Liebe und die Beat-Generation
Im Hamburg der 1960er Jahre trifft die Kunststudentin Astrid Kirchherr auf den Beatles-Bassisten Stuart Sutcliffe. Inmitten der beginnenden Beat-Ära entspinnt sich die Romanze der beiden, die kurz darauf tragisch enden wird. Der Comic-Roman "Baby's In Black" von Arne Bellstorf erzählt von einer Liebe zwischen Beat-Musik und Existentialismus.
(Quelle: 3Sat Link + mehr Fotos + mehr Info)

Arne Bellstorf
"Baby's In Black. The Story Of Astrid Kirchherr & Stuart Sutcliffe"
Reprodukt 2010
ISBN-13: 978-3941099128 © Reprodukt


DJ Felix How: Gigs HH in november!!

12.11.: delicious beats (hans-albers-platz 1 - reeperbahn) :: electro, funk...

13.11.: haus mit garten (katjas birthday-bash) :: felix how-eclectic mix

27.11.: delicious beats (hans-albers-platz 1 - reeperbahn) :: funk, soul


Felix How found a new home..welcome to the haus mit garten:

first party in my new home will be katjas birthday-bash...loooking forward!!!!

october: moving from vienna to HAMBURG!!!!

with a little help from my friends....HAMBURG, here i come

pimp my cast!

broke my hand in september...no djing, but pimping my cast and visiting london and berlin..LOVE TATE gallery...and fischli and weiss


souvenirs: felix how at schlicht festival 2010

every summer has an end..time to look back at an very special djing night with felix how..the schlicht festival 2010! GREAT TIME we had..enjoy the video! video


DJ Felix How smooth Jazz/Soul Compilation

download the smooth jazz and soul mix-compilation, click on the image or here


diggin for gold in hamburg city...digga!!

GREAT place to be..and some great record stores: Rudee loved checking out all the fantastic stores...and found a lot of good and forgotten tunes, listen to two of them:


DJ Felix How Sunday Evening Deep House Mixtape: GET IT

click image to download or listen...or click HERE yours, rudee

Dancing mit DJ!

Annes Birthday-Bash

here and there it's time to celebrate: so did rudee and his vinyl with the crowd last friday...


We (me and dj dynoside) wanted to have a proper FUNK party.....so we did it! excessive party with strictly funk, disco, soul classics... and as guest dj THE MARVIN

TOO HOT!!!!!!!

listen to the first SMASH HIT of R.L. & T.R.O.W.T.
Too Hot.mp3


the time came to form the reinforcement of white trash!Collective of music-loving spinners - what have never made music together, hope to finance themselves with some outrageous performances a few drinks.
Rudee Lala has always been in his home studio on the search for the right mix and will probably never be successful with it.
He gives the group its voice.
The reinforcement is SideSho, Serafin? And TourtourLP who get infected by the confused quirks Rudee Lalas without really knowing why.
The prerequisites are dazzling for a meteoric rise!!!!

Fritz treibts bunter december 2009

in this second edition of CHEZ FRITZ fashion-bazar all got together: young designers, fashion, a funny bunch of deejays and a great FUNK-concert witch only could be interrupted by the police (noise pollution!!??)...but no one went away, and we had a terrific day and a very special night.
see some impressions of the bazar from Daniel Nuderscher:


in november 2009, CHEZ FRITZ had the great opportunity to celebrate a three-day festival in the beautiful place of viennas arsenal with live instruments, live visuals, live artists and a final party witch offers unequalled opportunities.
watch the video to feel a little of that DRIVE!

Vienna Audio Visual Session 2009 from Chez Fritz on Vimeo.


BACK in the game of WORLD WIDE TRASH: R.L. & T.R.O.W.T.
next posts will kind of summarize the last MOVING months